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Many people think that sourcing a product means finding the right factory to manufacture it, but things

are usually a lot more complicated. We have developed a wide variety of extra services in order to make your sourcing experience from China smooth and cost-effective.

The most important part is that we are local! We have been in the sourcing business for the last 10 years and we have worked with over 20 000 factories from all over China. We have a local warehouse and office with more than 30 highly qualified sourcing agents and warehouse workers.

We can offer you professional services such as negotiation, sample collection, and consolidation, storage, and shipment, Amazon FBA Prep. We can pick you up from the airport, accommodate you in a hotel, take you to the factories you want to visit and help with the translation and negotiation. We would like to become part of your team. Focus on your sales, while we make sure that you receive your products just the way you want them to be.

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Comprehensive Amazon services


Over the years we have built a database of over 20 000 factories. Let us help you find the best manufacturer for each and every one of your products.


If you are not local it’s hard to get the best possible price without compromising the product quality. We know the ropes, so let us help you get the best deal.


Let us be your hands and eyes in China. We will show you everything you need to check when you see your samples via video chat and then send you all your samples at once.


Our warehouse is your warehouse. Once we receive your products we will perform quality control against your chosen specification, store them and send them to the address you give us.

FBA Labeling

We got you covered. Since we have been working with Amazon FBA for over 8 years, we can prepare and ship out your shipments to all Amazon marketplaces for you – no problem.

Visit China

You are invited! We are always excited about meeting our partners and we’ll make sure that you have a fun and productive trip to our country.


Our Services


A lot of people use platforms like Alibaba in order to find factories for their products. The problem is that about 70% of the products are offered by trading companies, who would present themselves as manufacturersp just to make more sales. We have our ways of conducting due diligence and if needed we can even visit factories on your behalf. Overall, we would do what it takes to help you select the best manufacturer for your products.


A lot of companies in China will usually give you a higher price and a higher MOQ on your orders because usually, people from the US and Europe don’t have a clear idea of manufacturing costs and labor in China and quite frankly are used to higher prices. Our local team has real insight into the prices and processes involved in the manufacturing process so they can overview them for you. This gives us the advantage of negotiating the best possible prices without annoying the suppliers with impossible demands. We will make sure that the prices match the quality of the products you request.


Receiving samples from lots factories is always a problem. Let us optimize this process for you by directing them to our office in Shenzhen. There we will inspect them on your behalf and provide you with a detailed overview, pictures, and videos. We can also do this live via video chat, where we can present and test your product. When all samples have been received, we will label them for you and send them all at once, saving you this way the time and money you would spend on individual shipping fees.


Managing your own warehouse and staff in China could be both expensive and difficult, so why not use ours? We will be your hands and eyes, we will check and make sure all the products you order look and work as specified. That way, when you receive your goods, you can be confident that there won’t be any surprises when you start opening the boxes. Another optimization is the consolidation of shipments. Most often our customers order goods from various manufacturers, who usually send them out individually. We consolidate your shipments – again, saving you time and money. And we’ve got enough space at our warehouse, so you can choose what you want to send out and when.

FBA Labeling

Preparing your shipments to enter the Amazon FBA ecosystem can be a pain sometimes, as you have to manually label every product and every box before you send it to them. Here, even the slightest mistake can give you a lot of headaches. Our pick and pack team has been preparing shipments for FBA for over 8 years, so we can proudly say that we have been able to reduce the number of mistakes to next to nothing. All you would need to do is prepare the shipment from your Amazon Seller Central account and send us the labels.

Visit China

Why not come and meet the HyperZon team in China? Tell us about your plans to visit China and we will help you every step of the way. We will send you a business invitation, come to pick you up from the airport and even arrange your accommodation in a hotel to your liking. We will take you around the factories you want to visit and one of our English speaking team members will make sure that you negotiate the best terms and prices. Come visit us as our partner and friend and become a part of our global network.

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