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Unfortunately, it is not enough to have good products, well-written descriptions, and awesome product images to end up in the top 5 results for the most desirable keyword searches on Amazon. You need to keep up an ongoing marketing strategy to get to the top spot on page one and stay there. We usually split up our marketing efforts in three categories – Product Launch Marketing, Maintenance Marketing and Post Sales Marketing.

Our product launch marketing strategies include aggressive PPC campaigns and discounts to persuade as many people as we can we to get the product and write product reviews, so people feel more confident buying it in the future. The idea is to make as many sales as possible, so we can get the product ranked in the top spots on page one.

The goal of maintenance marketing is to keep the product’s high rankings by periodically boosting it through flash deals and other 3rd party discount websites. Making sure that the product doesn’t lose its momentum is a very important part of having a successful Amazon business.

We use post-sales marketing to turn our customers into brand ambassadors. Customer care is very important and giving your clients an incentive to share your product with family and friends always pays off. We try to engage them with different social media games and activities.

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Marketing Services

Review Sourcing

It doesn’t matter if you are stating a new brand or simply want to update an existing one, we are here to give it an amazing new look!

Amazon PPC

Amazon sponsored products is the fastest and most efficient way to showcase your product above the products of your competitors.

3rd Party Platforms

We partner up with various websites and platforms to give the products the additional boost they need in order to get to page one.

Social Media Marketing

Every brand needs to be well represented on all of the trendy social media channels, but this is a full-time job, so let our team do the hard work.

Post Sales Marketing

Selling a product is not the end of the journey for us, that is simply the beginning, by making sure that your customer is completely satisfied, you build a strong brand and relationship.

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Our Services

Review Sourcing

Amazon has been very strict on their product review policy, so you have to be very careful about how you approach people about leaving a product review. We have focus groups, who are willing to try new products and provide honest opinions in their Amazon reviews. We can also provide access to Amazon Vine review program, meaning that your products will be tested by professional product testers who are part of the Amazon Vine Club.

Amazon PPC

The fastest way to get your product in front of your customers is setting up your Amazon pay per click campaign, but first, you need to do your homework and find all of the keywords relevant to your product. As every other PPC platform, it takes a lot of tweaking to make the best out of this service. Sometimes you need to run a few campaigns at once so you can A/B test them and select the ones that are bringing in the best results. Usually, this is quite a difficult task, which requires a lot of hard work and dedication, luckily we have the right people to take that off your hands, who will monitor and tweak your campaigns so you get the best results for the money you spend.

3rd Part Platforms

Getting your product on the page is equally important as keeping it there. Through the years we have built relationships with various audiences, which can give our product an extra push when they need it. These audiences consist of special deal websites, facebook focus groups and influencers, so when we need to boost our sales, we can provide them with an Amazon discount voucher, that way they receive a good deal without us having to discount and denominate our product in front of the whole marketplace. We can provide this service as part of a packaged product launch strategy or simply as a one-off boost for your existing product listing.

Social Media

Getting your brand and products to look cool on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube can bring you a lot of sales and added value, but it sure takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Our team will build your social media presence and keep your audience engaged by posting engaging content. We can run ads and campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

If you sign for our Social Media service, we will go through a questionnaire with you to find what messages, products, and promotions you want to communicate with your audience. We will prepare a 30-day strategy and if you approve it we will launch and monitor it. Every 30 days you will get a detailed report measuring the performance of all posts and campaigns.

Post Sales Marketing

Selling your product to someone is not the end of the game. We have native speakers worldwide, who can help with customer care. Satisfied customers advertise your product best, while dissatisfied clients can affect your revenue and account with bad feedback or bad reviews.

We have built a custom platform we use to approach your Amazon customers on social media and encourage them to share the experience they had with your product. We can create brochures and inserts explaining the product’s features and functions. They encourage the customer to start the conversation and help us solve their problems.

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