Selling on Amazon is a rough game. Make sure you have the best team on your side!

We will hyper-grow your Amazon

It doesn’t matter If you are just starting to sell your products on Amazon or if you have been running an Amazon business for years, we are here to take your business to the next level. Hyperzon will manage every aspect of your Amazon business, from building or optimising your product listing, building or optimising your Amazon PPC strategy and of course making sure that your products are on page one for the top relevant keyword searches. We have been selling on Amazon for over 9 years, through those years we have built a highly skilled team armed with the proper tools and knowledge to create and maintain bestselling products. Let us develop and grow your Amazon business, while you focus on improving and growing your brand.  

Can we optimize your listings?

Yes we can!

Can we get you  the lowest advertising cost?

Yes we can!

Can we rank your products on page one?

Yes we can!


And                   we can make you more money!

$130 to $350K 

Check out the results for a few of our clients



3 Months

Whenever Exchar approached us they were making a turnover of just under $130K per month. We developed a kick-ass PPC and ranking strategy for them, along with optimising their listings, in 3 months they had almost tripled their turnover.

€0 to €200K 


6 Months

We managed to build up the brand with 7 SKU's across Amazon Europe, taking the revenue to over 200K in the high season. We are now working into introducing the brand to the American market using We expect to double the turnover within the next 3-4 months.

$30 to $250K 


We started working on the account whenever they were making a turnover of meat $30K per month. We built up their single listing in, we managed to get tons of product reviews through a custom review building campaign  and the sales flew through the roof.

4 Months

Here are some of the other brands we manage



Onboarding Process





We would do a thorough examination of your Amazon account. We will take the following components into account:

  • Listing quality.

  • PPC efficiency.

  • Product ranking.

  • Competition analysis.

  • Product reviews.




When we take over your account, we will basically do everything from day to day tasks to ranking and product optimisation strategies. To keep you up to date with what's going on we will be presenting you with the following information:

  • Marketing plan.

  • Ranking strategy.

  • Weekly updates and monthly reports.

After auditing your account, we will have sufficient data in order to give you a tailored proposal. Your proposal will include:

  • Presentation of our audit report.

  • List of priority optimisations.

  • Timeframe of the workflow.

  • List of solutions we will be using for addressing the issues.

  • Management fee offer.

Let us grow your business

Book a free call today so we can get to work on taking your business to the next level, if you are not happy with our offer, there are no strings attached, so you can just find another agency.

We are usually very picky when it comes to onboarding new clients, our emphasis will fall on quality - rather than quantity, because we want to give every business the attention it needs in order to grow. One of our companies core values is “We believe in mutually beneficial business”, which basically means that if we don’t believe that your business can benefit from what we do, we would not take it on. We also believe in result based marketing, so if you are not making money - we are not making money and that wouldn’t be good for either side. We have decided to limit out agency to 15 clients, as we want to make sure that every client is getting the needed attention and no work is being left behind. I guess that we would be interviewing you as you are interviewing us, we want to make sure that both sides are a good fit, before we move on to working together.


Supreme Leader @ Hyperzon

Meet our gang

George  Pavlov

Business Development

Radina  Stefanova

Project Manager

Radoslav Mazganov

PPC & Ranking specialist


Cyber Security

Hristo Arakliev


Tsetso Dimitrov

Social media master

Boyana Pesheva

Junior Designer

Michael Jordan

Business Dev NA

Mila Natudova

Account Manager

Lora Kirilova

Senior Designer

Devi Kotseva


These are not just rumors!


“As a business owner there are so many things that I have to do daily and it’s really important to have someone you can really trust and count on. They are responsive not just sometimes but all the time and they treat your business just like it’s their own! Thank you Hyperzon team!”


Founder of VeeFresh